A Marriage in Your Dream

If you vision your marriage life since you are born, then what is your love story that you want to share? Where do you want to share your love story with your beloved guests? If you can visualize your wedding in your dream, congratulation, one day you will be having your beloved husband and kids that filled up your life.

The genie in Aladdin says, “Your Wish Is My Command”. If marriage in your dream is your wish, then your genie will do magic to begin your married life with a wedding. The genie in real life may not be magical, but there are many wedding genies appear in this practical world.

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The Need of Event Space

Some couples will love to plan a wedding by themselves but, some couples will love to hire a wedding planner. Your wish in a grand and elegant wedding just like the prince and princess occurred in the movie, your wish will be heard, and your wedding planner will look for an event space to fulfill your wish.

As mentioned here before, look for a garden wedding venue to share your love story with your honored guests is important. The venue must be comfortable and able to give a sense of relaxation for your guests to listen to your story.

Thus, the venue not necessarily to be grand and luxury but it is a pleasant place that allows your love story to be shared among your friends and family. A wedding hall is always the most recommended selection for a decent venue.

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Hotel is a Luxury Choice

When the wedding hall is a preferred choice in your wedding, hotels sure are the first thing that pops up in your mind. There are various choices of hotels in Shah Alam, Selangor. There is various type of wedding hall that you can consider in hotels.

That variation represents different themes and styles in each hotel. For instance, you may dream of a garden wedding but not a grand ballroom for your wedding. Find your genie (wedding planner) and locate your dream wedding at any of a hotel now!

but not a grand ballroom for your wedding. Find your genie (wedding planner) and locate your dream wedding at any of a hotel now!

After you have decided on your dream wedding themes and styles, go through the list of hotels and find what you are looking for. Some of the hotels offer a beautiful hall with affordable prices such as hotel Glenmarie and so on. You may refer to the hotels’ website to look for more detail about the facilities.

Moreover, not only hotels offer you the venue that is suitable for a wedding. Some of the resorts, villa, and inn also offers you much more suitable wedding venue such as the Holiday Inn Glenmarie. This is the place that is more flexible, much affordable price to organize an event like a wedding. 

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There are many places to hold a wedding, even the empty spaces gate in front of your house also can be a great wedding venue. A wedding is a great celebration where family and friends sit around each other and gather.

A wedding is also a celebration that chases away bad luck according to the Chinese believe and myth. In a nutshell, a celebration like a wedding is meant for the couples and guests to have joy, wishing, and blessing between the couples and the guests.

It is also a way to enjoy the wedding atmosphere with a charming environment that the resorts and hotels offer.

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