What is Penetration Testing?

A penetration test actively exploits vulnerabilities to prove or disprove hacking against a company’s data, IT assets and physical security. The aim of penetration testing company is to show they have managed to gain Domain Admin access or to prove the vulnerabilities were chained together to perform an attack.

Even if they are not exploited as there is a limited scope of time, a pen test service from a pentest company in Malaysia still can discover the existence of some vulnerabilities. An experienced pentester company can gain this level of security understanding.

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There is rarely a need to evade detection as a penetration test is tightly scoped. In order to have full coverage in the assessment, it is quite normal for a penetration tester to ask for valid credentials or access.

What kind of services that you can Look for in the List of Penetration Test Companies?

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

The mobile application has become an essential and well-received business tool now. The attractive targets for hackers are unfortunately PDAs, smartphones, Pocket PCs and notebook computers.

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A successful hacking can allow access to Personally Identifiable Information, credit card and other sensitive info. Hackers can use email, VPNs and other remote access methods to gain access to your organization’s network. Hence, it is important to perform security vulnerability testing regularly to avoid any problem.

With this, it will protect you from the current mobile apps hacking. With integrating application solutions into an organization environment, it is designed to spot configuration and flaws, plus providing detailed advice.

Wireless Network Penetration

Wireless network penetration Malaysia basically includes task such as collecting the data transmitted over the wireless network, low-level assessment in public areas and to emulate the determined attack by assessing WEP encryption.

Aside from that, it will have full encryption review, audit and defensive strategy to deny any service attack emulation.

Web App Penetration Test

It is easier to attack through the network layer which results in people are attacking through applications in recent years. Hackers still give serious threat without being detected and prevented, even though with defences and prevention systems. Visit Pen Test Malaysia’s website to find out more.

Web App penetration test provides an in-depth analysis of your latest security posture. It will also recommend reducing exposure to latest spotted weaknesses are highlighted. Furthermore, the client can make better decisions and manage the company’s exposure to threats.

Source Code Review

It is also called a Security Code Review. It is the process of analysing the source code to verify the validity of proper security controls.

This is a way to be sure that the application that is created to be self-defensive in its given situation. During the process of penetration testing, source code review is the best tools to expose these weaknesses.

Swift Security Assessment Service

It is used by thousands of financial organizations over the world as a global banking messaging system to transfer billions of ringgits every day. 

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Hackers will be able to circumvent the bank’s local security systems due to weak security controls. They can even gain access to the messaging network and initiate or modify cash transfer by sending fake messages.

Crest Pentest

It gives confidence to corporate when they buy penetration testing services and threat intelligence and assurance will be given that the work will be carried out by qualified experts who are able to handle the hackers.