Choosing the right wallpaper Singapore for your home interior could be quite a daunting task if you are inexperienced. From the selection of colours, styles, patterns to textures, all of these factors need serious consideration in making a perfect choice.

Therefore, knowing where to buy wallpaper and what to look for the best wallpaper for your home will help you to create a whole new home sweet home. 

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Tips for Choosing the Great Wallpaper

As a matter of fact, there is no shortage of wallpaper styles, textures or colours. It is up to you on how you want to cover all the walls or if an accent wall would look much better in your room design. 

1. Wallpaper Styles

The wallpaper style should be able to blend perfectly with the rest of your décor style. The style that you choose will flow naturally with the rest of your space and wall sticker.

  • Formal

The formal interior benefits from various elegant wallpaper designs such as the hand-painted print or damask.

  • Casual 

You can buy wall decals Singapore for your home with different kinds of patterns, such as floral or textured print. 

  • Rustic

You can ask wallpaper supplier Singapore for exclusive textured wallpaper such as grasscloth for depth, plaid for warmth or a wildlife pattern that will fit your theme. 

  • Modern 

You could select the geometric or abstract pattern for a more modern décor. 

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2. Wallpaper Colours

The colours you should choose for an interior wallpaper should be a good match for your window treatment, flooring as well as furniture. 

You can get the colour saturation of bold paint colour by choosing a coloured wallpaper with a pattern that much lighter. This will give an elegant touch to your bathroom. 

You could select the colours from the colour palette for your décor from the wallpaper shop Singapore. Repeat one or more of the colours with the choice of your wallpaper.

3. Make Rooms Appear Larger or Smaller

You might hear of the pattern size could make the room to appear larger or smaller. You can visually decrease the size of the large room by using larger print or low wallpaper Singapore price with a darker background. 

Moreover, the pattern and colour contrast will give the optical illusion by drawing the walls closer and give out a cosier vibe to the room. Conversely, it is all depending on the colour and pattern of small patterned wallpaper could make a small room appear larger or more extensive.

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4. Texture Wallpaper for Design Depth 

If you are for lower wall sticker price to add a layer of texture and greater design depth, opt for textured wallpaper. Besides, you can choose an accent wall behind the desk or use above wainscoting or chair rail. You also might opt for a textured wallpaper such as grasscloth or embossed for a cosy living room. 

5. Use Accent Walls

One of the greatest things about wallpaper is its ability in transforming the room into a design with depth and stylish. The most economical and easiest way to select a solid wall for the wallpaper is the accent wall. 

You can choose the wall behind the bed to induce an elegant and warming visual design for the master bedroom. Also, you can go dramatic with the accent wallpaper such as lush tropical leaf pattern or zebra print wallpaper. 

Transform Your Home with the Right Wallpaper Now

Now, it will be easy to select the best interior wallpaper for your rooms when you are following these tips. Let’s transform your dull and unattractive room into livelier and more warming with the right wallpaper treatment now!